How To Play


The game is simple; drag your finger around to aim the ball onto the next platform. You can start aiming right from the main menu — there’s no play button! When you’re ready, release and watch as the ball is propelled higher and higher. With a little finesse, you might even be able to skip a platform and score double.


You’ll also encounter rings. Rings are especially tricky because they require greater precision — overshoot and you’ll roll off the top!


As you get higher and higher in the game, you’ll start running into gravity platforms. These platforms start floating down as soon as you land on them. When they reach the bottom, it’s game over! These will really put your reflexes and quick thinking to the test.


“Sealed” platforms are pink and red. They can’t be penetrated from the bottom, so you’ll have to go over from the side, or bank the ball off the wall.


In the settings (accessible from the main menu by tapping the gear icon) you can turn sounds and music on and off. If you’re feeling generous, or maybe you’re just sick of the ads, you can also remove them for small fee. If you already purchased the no-ads option, you can tap the IAP to restore previous in-app purchases.

Have fun!!